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Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

Features of natural and artificial sweeteners and their impact on health

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In this note we relate the real impact of food and diet drinks with artificial sweeteners intense content, as though provide fewer calories than standard products, there is still no conclusive evidence that these "light" products actually contribute to prevent overweight and obesity.
At present there are at least 200 chemicals with sweetening power, without adding calories, or very few, the food or beverage is added.
The sweetening power is the ability to stimulate the sweetness of a substance, and is established by comparison with table sugar or sucrose.

Types of sweeteners
Sweeteners can be classified according to their origin (natural or artificial) and calories (nutritive or non-nutritive) as follows:
NaturalesEdulcorantes nutritive sweeteners and natural and artificial sweeteners
Represented by the natural sugar found in food.
monosaccharides glucose, fructose, galactose.
disaccharides sucrose, lactose, maltose.
trisacĂĄradios: maltotriose, maniotrosa.
Nutritive sweeteners derived from natural products
starch products from glucose, glucose syrup and isoglucose.
products from sucrose: invert sugar.
alcoholeso sugar polyols mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, lactitol.
neoazĂșcares: fructo-oligosaccharides.
Intense sweeteners or non-nutritive
chemical or artificial sweeteners: aspartame, acesulfame K, saccharin, cyclamate.
sweeteners plant origin extracted from some plants, but its use at present is minimal, because of their high cost and most of them are still experimental. They are: thaumatin, stevioside (stevia), monellin, dihydrochalcone.
The tryptophan and glycine, amino acids have sweet flavor and sweeteners are also used as additives.
Features polyols sweeteners
In general we can say:
Polyols or polyols, unless sweeten sugar.
Industrially obtained from corn starch, they are also found naturally in fruits, even in small quantities.
The most frequently used polyols are sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol.
Advantages of polyols:
They are poorly absorbed by the body, so low calorie, ie less than sugar.
do not increase the blood sugar level, so they are well tolerated by diabetics.
not generate cavities
to retain water, keep food and products that were added moist and fresh, so they are used as additives.
Disadvantages of polyols:
if consumed in large quantities cause diarrhea and flatulence.
They should not be given to infants younger than 3 years, as it may provoke intestinal disorders.
Features intense sweeteners
With respect to all chemical sweeteners we can say that all of them can have undesirable side effects in our bodies and that most of the foods or products that have added sweeteners are not very healthy: soft drinks, preserves, ice cream, candy, candy, etc. .
We will stop in the intense sweeteners because they are the most powerful and the most used in the industry. They are called intense because with just a few milligrams have a great sweetening power.
The potential toxicity of these sweeteners has always been questioned, and even today the debate continues. The United States has removed from the list of safe sweeteners saccharin and cyclamate.
The most used and most criticized artificial sweeteners are: saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame and acesulfame K.
Advantages of artificial sweeteners:
They do not provide energy as calories,
They are practical: Because commercial form.
They are not nutritious, only add sweetness. Intense sweeteners sweeten more than table sugar or sucrose;
Present health risks or adverse effects;
They may cause increased appetite with consequent weight gain.
Sweeteners in low-calorie or light products
The light products are those more intense sweeteners have, and some of them are reduced fats containing therefore given the high demand for these products exists cite, if in the end they are a solution or a trap for health .
Benefits and advantages
The advantages of light products lies primarily in how useful their consumption to those suffering from diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases, without the need to give up your palate flavors consider pleasant.
Disadvantages or drawbacks "In many cases usually experience a real increase in anxiety for sweets and eat more"
Induce excessive consumption: most people who use these products to see which are low in calories, unconsciously consume more than if it were the normal product. So in the end the total calorie count is higher (more quantity, more calories).
Unhealthy and highly processed foods: many highly processed foods that have lost some of their vitamins, and also contain many food additives. In general, food is unwise from the point of view of healthy eating.
Opposite effect: according to recent studies, it has been found, particularly aspartame, which can lead to an increased appetite and therefore food consumption, causing weight gain.
By consuming these products, our nerve center announces the arrival of sugars. But if these sugars in the end fail, our deceived neurohormonal system reacts as if it had really taken with the consequent increase in body weight.
Nutritional advice
To conclude our best advice, will always consume these products or avoid moderate form waives the sweet taste that we provide, ensuring 100% but our health.

Fast food and junk foot and health risks

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Changes in eating habits of the population, caused by a lifestyle very fast and stressful, have made many people are forced to mostly or very often powered from food conodia as fast food, fast or junk up reach cases in which one or descends from the car to ingest.

Foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs (hot dogs or hot dogs), shakes, fries, fried onion rings, fried chicken, pizza and other snacks are part of the daily diet of a vast majority of people who are unwittingly carrying out unvaried and unbalanced diet, with many disadvantages and dangers to health and wellness.

Needless to say, if such meals were consumed sporadically poses no risk to our health. The problem arises when these foods are ingested daily or regular basis, such as nutritionally unbalanced diet, it generates the long-term nutrient deficiency with too many unwanted effects on our organism.

On the other hand, to the detriment of these establishments it has been found through various analyzes that fast food has several irregularities in its composition and ingredients with respect to labeling bearing, and in several other cases also establishments that do not meet the sanitary standards.

What kind of nutrient-ingredients takes or gives these foods?

High amount of animal protein
additives such as preservatives, colorings and flavorings, which generate habit of consuming this type of food.
plenty of simple sugars, saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium.
low or no input fiber and vitamins.
very high caloric intake by ingestion.
Examples of foods with excesses of these ingredients:

Hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches: high fat (meat, mayonnaise, some cheese and other toppings) plus excessive amounts of salt.
fritasPatatas potatoes fried potatoes and onion rings: high amount of fats (oils) and sodium (salt)
Donuts and pastries in general: high amount of carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and fats (oils)
soda or soft drinks: plenty of sugar
Sweets: plenty of sugar, salt and fat
Snacks: high amount of sodium, colorants, flavors, sugars and fats chloride.

Drawbacks and disadvantages to the health of frequent consumption of fast food:

Eat daily or frequently these foods mainly causes a supercharger, and this is because with only a menu of fries, hamburger and soda, covered or ingested more than 50% of daily calories required, which weight disorders and obesity would be the first result.

Underdevelopment of bone mass, low calcium intake.

Cardiovascular disease, obesity and hypercholesterolemia due to the high amount of animal protein, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Constipation, the low supply of fiber and raw foods like vegetables and fruits.

Decay, caused by the high rate of simple sugars.

Deterioration of health in general, nutrient imbalance.

Heavy and slow digestion, because the cooking method of most of its products is through the battered and breaded fried, which is made with canola oil, coconut or palm among others, plus in many cases usually re-used.

Taste is altered by high doses of sodium, preservatives and flavor enhancers which are generating simultaneously increased appetite and habit on the consumer.

Biochemical changes in the brain, such as those generated drugs. This is caused by the high amount of sugars and fats, generating as a consequence, addiction and engage in this type of food.

Check your health at the beginning of the year and avoid risky situations

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As the year begins, especially in January, reaching the sense of guilt and regret for the excesses of the holiday and the holiday season, and its effects on health.

And it is that during this time, overeating, alcohol and lack of exercise make a dent in the body is affected by diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes, among others.

According to Dr. Luis Moya Jimenez, Director of the Cardiovascular Unit of the West Clinic and President of the Colombian League Against Infarction and Hypertension, many take vacations as a period of waste and neglect, in which the sick leave taking their medications and making healthy diet and pecan excess food, sun and alcohol.

"That's when come the consequences: the patient becomes more broken and it was healthy and get sick," said the specialist, who points out that too much "junk" food, greasy and alcohol, decomposing body.

In this regard, Dr. Moya recommended a series of tests performed at the beginning of the year, in order to prevent further health problems such as heart problems. In this regard, he added that it is important a lipid profile done and look how is the metabolic function.

For the specialist, the key is prevention. Thus it says that from an early age is important to self-assess and ask what risks there are predispositions and family on various diseases, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

The exams

Clinic West, aware of the importance of early detection of various diseases, offers users a preventive checkup that includes a series of tests for both men and women.

The check consists of: medical examinations, diagnostic and laboratory.

1. Medical examinations: contemplate a general physical examination performed by a specialist in internal medicine, who investigates obesity, hypertension, skin lesions, enlarged lymph nodes, heart murmurs, abdominal masses, increasing the size of the organs, skeletal deformities, hernias, testicular masses and prostate lesions. Also, a review of ophthalmology with optometry, made by the ophthalmologist.

2. Diagnostic Tests: They include an EKG and a stress test, with the possibility of heart failure is evaluated. Similarly, a chest radiograph, which explores lung infections, lung cancer, emphysema, benign or malignant lung lesions and enlarged the size of the heart and aorta.

Also they include abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, in which the size of the liver and pancreas, bile duct stones, riddles inflammatory lesions or infections, benign or malignant tumors of these organs, kidney size and presence of stones is explored, renal cysts and tumors.

3. Laboratory tests: CBC contemplate, lipid profile, fasting blood glucose, transaminases and bilirubin, creatinine and urea nitrogen, urinalysis, stool, fecal occult blood, uric acid, PSA, thyroid profile and vaginal cytology in For women.

Miracle health risk foods and diets, says specialist

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Miracle foods and create the magic diets may jeopardize the health, because instead of losing weight healthily cause liver disease and hypertension, in addition to that, usually, those who consume these products do not change your eating habits.

Blanca Pacheco Pardo, attached to the Nutrition Service Juarez Hospital, considered necessary to bring awareness to the patient a good nutritional plan to provide the body with vitamins and low-calorie food to meet their needs.

You learn to eat, he insisted, it helps control weight and thus reduce the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases related to poor diet, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

A natural diet and reducing consumption of industrialized meats, packaged and sweetened beverages and increase the natural water, fruits, lean meat, oatmeal, brown rice and, especially exercise, it is recommended, he said in a statement from the Ministry of Health.

Although obesity is a public health problem that generates various diseases, usually the people who suffer attending the dietitian only a matter of aesthetics and forced or pressured by the family and the environment, he explained.

He referred to the need to address this problem in a comprehensive manner and through a multidisciplinary effort, so that the intervention of nutritionist is essential to keep individual plan according to the characteristics of each patient.

Achieving a healthy weight in seeking to improve the quality of life is no easy task, intervention is joint and interaction with other services, according to treatment that is offered to the patient, he said.

For Pacheco Pardo, the goal is to achieve a healthy balance through education and behavior modification and dietary habits and develop them for life.

He mentioned that this work involved experts from different disciplines such as psychologists and sports doctors.

The work of the first is important because it motivates and helps people detect distress, depression and anxiety, so the conditions to eat excessively, he said.

He stressed that the sports physician is uniquely qualified to implement exercise routines for these patients, who by their weight are susceptible to injury.

Where did the virus Zika?

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Zika tropical forest located in the region of 23 kilometers from Entebbe to Kampala, the Ugandan capital, is the place from where the virus is spreading throughout the American continent emerged.

It is a tropical forest of about 25 hectares of lush vegetation that houses all kinds of plants and animals, including 40 species of mosquitoes.

Nearly seven decades, these forests scientists discovered the virus that is on alert today much of Latin America.

"In this forest there are mosquitoes that transmit several diseases, including zika" said Julius Lutwama, the head of the Virus Research Institute in Uganda, the BBC virologist.

The females of this mosquito, Aedes aegypti whose name are the main transmitter of zika, dengue and chikungunya three threatening diseases, today, most countries in the region.

"But we know that these Aedes prefer to bite at sunrise and sunset," said the specialist.

At the time of the bite, these mosquitoes, originating in Africa, they inject their saliva, which can contain four types of diseases: zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.

"Transmission occurs only when a mosquito infected with any of these bites a person susceptible virus," said Dr. Jairo Andres Mendez Rico, PAHO, told the BBC.

The virus was identified in 1947 for the first time in Uganda, specifically in the forests of Zika. It was discovered in a Rhesus monkey when a study of the transmission of yellow fever in the jungle was performed.

Serological analysis confirmed infection in humans in Uganda and Tanzania in 1952, but it was in 1968 that the virus was isolated in samples from people in Nigeria.

In 2007 the infection was recorded on the island of Yap, part of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. It was the first time the virus outside its original geographic area detected: Africa and Asia.

Zika virus was first detected in the Americas in February 2014 by the Chilean authorities that confirmed the first case in Easter Island.

In May 2015 Zika virus appeared in Brazil, spreading rapidly throughout Latin America, causing a large outbreak in several countries in the region.

In Brazil they have reported some cases of microcephaly t3,900 and 49 deaths of babies with birth defects, of which five have been able to verify the relationship with the disease.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Zika virus was "expands explosively" in Latin America.

"Recent outbreaks of zika in various regions of the world demonstrate the potential of this virus to spread through the territories where Aedes aegypti is," said WHO.

Zika: more than 20,000 cases in Colombia

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Colombia announced today identify 20,297 cases of people infected with Zika virus, including 2116 pregnant women affected by this seemingly benign disease but suspected to cause serious birth defects.

The World Health Organization (WHO) held an emergency meeting Monday on this virus, transmitted by mosquito bite and spreads "explosively" in the Americas, with 3 to 4 million cases expected this year including 1.5 million already in Brazil, the country most affected.

Zika virus spreads. Martinique is in epidemic phase. In the streets of the daily Matiniquais does not seem to have changed. They refuse to give in to psychosis, but they wonder: how to protect themselves from Zika virus? Here, the infection has already been confirmed in ten pregnant women.

Risk of birth defects
Most often, the mosquito-borne virus is manifested by similar syndromes flu. But for pregnant women, the risk is real. The infection can cause birth defects in the baby. In recent days the consultations explode. The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, following the evolution of the virus has sent a health team in Martinique to assess the needs of hospitals and doctors.

Senin, 07 Desember 2015


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(Wonosobo, HIJRAH) Kalau kita mendengar negeri diatas awan , tentunya kita ingat lagunya Katon Bagaskara di era 90 an, yang sempat menempati tangga lagu papan atas. Negeri diatas awan, salah satunya adalah Kecamatan Tieng,  Dieng, Kabupaten Wonosobo, merupakan dataran tinggi atau Plateau, secara geografis terletak diatas 1012 DPL ( Diatas Permukaan Laut ). Beberapa waktu lalu Majelis Pustaka dan Informasi Pimpinan Cabang Delanggu, mengadakan perjalanan silaturahmi ke Muhammadiyah cabang Tieng, Dieng, Wonosobo.
Dipilihnya Muhammadiyah Tieng karena, cabang tersebut mempunyai peta dakwah yang unik dan menarik untuk dipelajari sebagai bentuk motivasi dalam pengembangan Muhammadiyah di tengah-tengah arus kompetisi yang sangat ketat. Adalah Hisnu nama salah seorang pengurus Muhammadiyah setempat, dengan ikhlas dan semangat serta motivasi yang tinggi mampu mengembangkan amal usaha Muhammadiyah, diantaranya PKU , Pondok pesantren dan toko kelontong, MI dan MTs.
Begitu rombongan kami datang, langsung disambut dengan salam dan senyum penuh kehangatan dan keakraban. Berdasarkan penuturan Hisnu, saat ini Muhammadiyah cabang Tieng sudah bisa mengelola amal usaha tersebut dengan manajemen yang baik.Jumlah santri untuk Pondok, MI dan MTs sebanyak kurang lebih 432 orang, padahal amal usaha yang dikelola bersama teman-temannya tersebut , juga berdiri beberapa amal usaha madrasah ataupun pondok yang juga dikelola oleh teman-teman Nadhliyin. Yang menarik adalah meskipun tempatnya berdekatan namun amal-amal usaha baik milik Muhammadiyah maupun Nahdliyin tersebut sama-sama berkembang dengan baik.Demikian juga dengan PKU rumah bersalin juga berkembang dengan baik, padahal diseberang jalan juga ada Balai kesehatan milik Nahdliyin.
 Sementara itu menurut sumber yang layak dipercaya, daerah Tieng, Dieng berdasarkan historisnya merupakan pusat perkembangan agama hindu, terbukti dengan adanya candi Arjuna yang berdiri kokoh di Dieng Plateau. Namun selaras dengan perkembangan zaman, Islam mulai berkembang pesat, termasuk Muhammadiyah dan nahdlatul Ulama.Berdasarkan pengamatan kami, jumlah masjid di Dieng cukup banyak dan bangunannya sangat megah. Hal ini sebagai indicator kalau islam berkembang dengan baik. Meskipun di daerah pegunungan namun Muhammadiyah juga bisa berkembang dengan pesat.Sehingga Muhammadiyah Cabang Tieng layak dijuluki sebagai Negeri Muhammadiyah diatas awan.( Yan )

PP. Muhammadiyah


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